As a member of Startup Foundation you will be able to engage with our other members and you can actively recommend and contribute content in our library.

Please keep the code of conduct in mind, and give one of the admins a nudge if you notice it is not being applied.

You can also become a contributor below. This will give you access to everything we have to offer, such as how to redeem the deals in our extensive community sourced Startup Deals database, and Startup Chat, the biggest startup focussed Slack community. As a contributor you can also add deals, and help us design the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this not free?

Because apart from having expenses, we believe that to be truly valuable and dedicated to you, (aspiring) founders, we need to charge you. If we would rely on subsidies or sponsorships, we would be serving others, and you would be the product.

How do I get access to Startup Chat?

When you have a contributor membership you can find the invite link on our community page here.

Can I share an account with a friend?

You cannot share accounts, but your friends can always create a free membership.

Can I promote myself/our company here?

This is not a place for self promotion. However, there's ways to stand out and get some attention. The best is to be super helpful to others. If startup founders are your target audience, another way to get some traffic is by adding a crazy good deal to what you have on offer.

How can I add a deal?

When you have a contributor membership you will be able to submit new deals to our platform. We typically do not work with referral links and don't take a cut, so please pass those savings on into the deal. We do expect you to be a contributing member, as it helps keep the lights on.

Will I get value out of this?

You definitely can. We have facilitated people to find their next career, investor and team mates. As always, you do have to make it work. And in communities, you can expect that quid pro quo actually works a lot like karma. You bring some, and you will get some. We merely facilitate the platform.

Can we engage in a partnership?

Probably not. We have found that take up more time than they are worth. Please feel free to join and add a deal, or to add value to the community. This will cost you some time, but none to us, and if you do that well, will be valuable to your organisation as well.